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What Makes A Man Fall In Love

What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Stay In Love

Falling and staying in love is one of the best experiences in the world. It brings feelings of euphoria and a sense of completeness that is often most intense at the beginning. This is confirmed by Helen Fisher, an anthropologist from Rutgers University, who says that romantic love is more powerful than the human sex drive.

But like all good things, these feelings tend to wear off, and the woman is often left bewildered and confused, wondering what in the world happened to the guy who used to worship the ground she walked on. Men fall in love, but they can also fall out of love just as fast.

Why does this happen, and what does it take for a man to fall and stay in love?

Call of the Wild: Physical Attraction

Physical attraction is the first factor that makes a man fall in love. By their very nature, men are physical beings because they are wired to look for the characteristics of a mate who is the most fertile and has the genetic goods needed to produce superior offspring.

This is why men’s heads automatically turn when a woman with the right body proportions, colorful makeup, or skimpy outfit walks by. However, while most men zoom in on girls who they find most attractive, they often look past a pretty face when they are ready for something serious. Being physically beautiful might make a man fall in love with you, but it won’t be enough for him to stay in love if that’s all you have going for you.

The Triggers of Emotional Attraction

Emotional attraction occurs when a man likes a woman for something other than her looks. This occurs when a deep, emotional bond is created between a man and a woman, usually because he sees that woman as a person who understands, respects and supports him.

Men tend to form emotional bonds with women who can provide them with things they cannot get from family members, coworkers, friends, or even their careers. According to Christian Carter, author of Catch Him & Keep Him, emotional attraction is what bonds a man to a woman over a long-term period. When a man starts to feel that he is not getting respect, admiration, and love from his partner, it is easy for the relationship to go downhill from there.

Emotional attraction may start to wane when the relationship starts getting too familiar and when the excitement of getting to know a person and doing new things dies down. Boredom is a stealthy relationship killer, and it usually sneaks up in the form of predictable moments, stale conversations, and neglect. This is the reason why relationship experts stress the importance of having independent lives and trying new things as a couple because these can keep boredom at bay.

Balancing Independence and Space

Lastly, what makes a man fall in love and stay in love is a woman who allows him to maintain his independence. It may sound counter-intuitive, but a woman who gives her man space and who lets him make the decisions on things that matter to him is a wise woman indeed.

Men want to be the leaders of the pack. They are biologically wired to be conquerors. Men who are in relationships with women who tend to mother them and control their every move are very likely to fall out of love pretty fast, no matter how attractive the other person is.