I Want A Girlfriend

I Want A Girlfriend

How To Get Her Emotionally Attached

If you want a girlfriend and are eager to learn how to attract a woman emotionally, several studies make the glaring differences between the male and female brain crystal clear. Thanks to some innovative research done by the University of Pennsylvania and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, there is little doubt that men are great at reading maps, but totally blind when it comes to emotion.

Based on these findings, along with some interesting articles from the people over at EHarmony, Top Secret Women’s Business, and Pathway to Happiness, you are about to find out how to get her emotionally attached to you.

So, let’s begin…

What Women Want: Learn To Listen

You’ve heard it a thousand times and you’ll hear it a thousand more, but learning to listen is key if you want to impress a girl and turn her into an emotionally invested girlfriend. Listening to a woman without prejudice, without judgment, and without offering your advice to fix the situation is not easy, but it’s what they want.

Women don’t need or want you to offer up a solution to every problem. However, they do want you to listen while they verbally figure out their situation. To men, this doesn’t really make much sense because their brains aren’t wired the same way, but it’s one thing that almost every woman wants, and it will serve you well for getting her emotionally attached.

Trust: Make Her Feel Safe

A woman needs to feel safe and comfortable before she develops an emotional connection with a man. She needs to know that she can count on you, and you won’t judge or criticize her for her opinions or anything else for that matter.

Once she fully trusts you, the emotional attachment begins to unfold. Women also attach quicker to guys with intellectual confidence. Making her feel safe isn’t about being physically strong. It’s more about being a man with a clear mind, positive intentions, a good heart, and strong, but controlled emotions. These type of traits are exactly the type reiterated by the Girlfriend Activation System, a popular program for men who want success not only with women, but also in every aspect of their lives.

Get To Know Family and Friends

One of the quickest ways to get a woman emotionally invested in you is by making time for her friends, family, and everyone else who is important to her. When you carry her 2-year old niece on your shoulders like a superhero, it melts her heart.

Remember, these people are important to her and their opinions matter. How you interact with the people in her life can help or hinder your chances of turning her into a girlfriend.

The Last Ingredient

Last but not least, take care of her. When she is bed ridden with flu, don’t just send her flowers. Take her some soup and sit by her bedside, even if you have to wear a quasi HAZMAT suit to make her laugh.

If you want her to become emotionally attached to you, she needs to know you like her and will be there for her even when she’s at her worst. Once she starts admiring you for your passion and consideration, you won’t have any problem getting her to make that emotional attachment.