Impress Your Crush

Impress Your Crush with Laughter

Listening is the First Step to Big Laughs

When you meet someone for the first time, you may not know what kinds of things will make them laugh. If you don't know a girl or guy very well, try asking more questions than talking, that way you get an idea of their interests.

As you listen, pay close attention to the clothes or the accessories he or she wears to find common ground. Listening will be crucial here, because you can find out the genre of literature, music, movies, or TV shows that interest them. These early conversations will narrow down the kind of humor they are into.

Spending more time around her or his friends is a good way to get to know the person you like a bit better. When they laughs at a joke, take note of what kind of joke it was and try to align yourself with the same sense of humor when you talk to your crush.

Make Your Crush (lol) Laugh Out Loud

Tell your jokes to your friends. You don't know how good or ridiculous a joke can be unless you tell it to others. Your family may have heard your jokes a bunch of times, so try telling them to your friends or at a party to see how others react. If people notice that some of the things you say are funnier than others, focus on the best elements of your humor and try to improve your timing to make it even funnier.

Learn Jokes From People You Find Funny

If you don't usually tell witty jokes, don't worry. There are different types of jokes in books, TV shows, and online videos, so learn a few of the ones you find witty and memorize them. That way, the next time you're around your crush you can tell a great joke and no one will ever know that it wasn't even yours.

Be sure to look for jokes that best suit your style. You don't want to give your crush the wrong idea about the kind of person you are by telling jokes that don't show a bit of your own personality.

Focus on Your Confidence

No matter what kind of humor you’re into, when you're with the guy or girl you like, you have to show you’re at ease. Timing in comedy is super important when telling any joke. Try practicing in front of a mirror carefully examining your facial expressions. You don't want to tell a joke without confidence regardless of how unfunny the joke might be. You will not impress anyone if you stumble over your own words.

Practice will build your confidence when it comes to making anyone laugh. Being confident gives you an edge. When you show others that you are sure about yourself, they will appreciate your personality and see strength of character.

Always Wait for the Right Time to Joke

When you're out with your crush, pick the right time to tell a joke. Either, a joke that you were told or one that you came up with yourself. Making a person laugh is a great way to get their attention, and it will also make you more attractive. It can also be a great way to break the ice. Laughing together will make you feel more comfortable, and will reduce the tension that is often felt during new relationships.

Initially, make your jokes tasteful. You don't want to give a bad impression by offending the person you like early in the relationship. Make them appropriate for all kinds of folks. Save the more riskier jokes for when you get to know them better.

Use Your Environment to Set The Mood

Employ observational humor. Make funny comments about things around you. You might see a big "push or pull" sign on the door and think it's over the top. Make a joke about it, such as, “Couldn't that sign be any bigger? I think we got what this was about,” then exaggerate your movements as you push the door open. Or maybe you could pretend the sign isn't right by pulling on the door and pretending it doesn't work. It will make the person see that you like them, that you are attentive to things around you, and that you display a sense of humor.

You can also include sarcasm in these types of situations. If you see someone with a big truck, say something like, “I think that guy should get a bigger truck. I've heard prices for Mac trucks have gone down this year.” Irony is usually well received and will make the girl or guy you like laugh.